Our Services

  • Repairs– specializing in chimney repairs and improvements above the roof line.
  • Rebuilds- when required.
  • Mortar joints- if they show signs of deterioration they are cut out and replaced with a new breathable type of mortar, this is often called ”tuck-pointing”.
  • Efflorescence- diagnose to determine if it is being caused by water penetration into the chimney or from vapors inside the chimney coming from a gas or oil furnace.
  • Leaks- Repaired and given top priority.
  • Crowns- repaired or rebuilt and sealed with ”crown coat”.
  • Flashing- custom made and designed, baked-on enamel galvanized steel, other types if required.
  • “Chimney Saver”- included with most jobs .  This is an excellent water repellent, allowing the masonry to breath while keeping the water out.
  • Chimney liners- we install both stainless steel and aluminum as required and offer a very special price when included with other work .
  • Chimney caps- standard sizes available and installed. Other sizes measured, ordered and installed.  All our caps are stainless steel lifetime warranted.
  • Chase Covers- measured, ordered and installed 

When to call

  • When you see white efflorescence, mildew or other signs of moisture on the ceiling close to the chimney inside your home.

  • If white efflorescence shows up outside.

  • When you have water leaking in from the ceiling near the chimney.

  • If water is leaking inside the firebox or around the base of the chimney.

  • When you notice loose brick, deteriorated mortar joints or flashing not looking so good.

  • When you are planning on a new roof.